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  • The Foundations course teaches, and enhances your understanding of essential boxing concepts.

  • The course ensures your grasp of: Footwork, Punching, and Defense.

  • Although the same topics are covered with everyone... Each person has a unique experience; since focus is put into the areas most relevant to you.

  • This is why anyone who takes our course benefits from it (beginner, advanced, or expert).

  • This is a 12-week course, set at a weekly pace (1 hour lessons).

  • By the end of the course you will understand how to fight. Whether your focus is self defense, competition, fitness, or appreciation of boxing.

  • This course is offered to individuals at a price of $2000.

  • For groups of 2-4 people who book, the price is $3500, Which can be split amongst the group (For example: John, Mike, Sarah, and Daryl split a group course four ways, and pay $875 each).

  • All prices are fully inclusive, and are as advertised. No additional charges/ fees/ taxes.

  • When you complete your course, you will have gained:

    • the knowledge & understanding you need​

    • the confidence and self esteem you need

    • the technical skills and abilities you need​​

  • A trainer will come to you, so lessons are easy and convenient
    (arrangements for booking space may also be made).

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