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  • You are not required to wear a mask during sessions

  • The instructor is required to wear a face covering during the session

  • At this point in time, it is recommended that participants bring their own gloves and hand wraps

  • Sanitization and physical distancing measures in place, to help keep you safe




  • Sessions are 55 minutes in length 

  • Dress appropriately for comfort... keeping in mind you will be moving, and it is a possibility that you may sweat

  • You will be learning and practicing boxing techniques and tactics

  • All ages are welcome

  • All experience levels are welcome

  • All fitness levels are welcome


  • Although the concepts are the same for everyone... all experiences are unique, due to the fact that every participant has their own style, personality, and goals

  • Participants under the age of 18, require a guardian to be present during their session

  • Feel free to bring water, to stay hydrated during your time

  • You will be in a private environment... so you do not have to worry about being watched by other gym occupants

  • There are change rooms available

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