Training Session

Private Training

Get 1-on-1 coaching, or group coaching from your instructor.

Whether you are looking to learn alone, or learn with friends and family... we've got you covered.

Individual sessions are for 1 person, while group sessions accommodate 2-4 people.

 Great fun for couples, families, and friends!


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Learn How To Fight!

Our 'Foundations' course offers the most value. It is designed to provide those who enroll, with the tools and knowledge needed to fight effectively.


We also cover a variety of topics that fall outside of the scope of the 'Foundations Course', in order for you to rapidly learn and grow.


Specific themes are available, and have been chosen for their practicality.

See topics list!


4 Session Pack

Sessions can be booked in bulk.

This is a way for you to customize your experience, while enjoying savings!


Go with the flow, create your own course, focus on refining & enhancing your skills through drills, or whatever else you want.

Tailor your experience to your preferences.

This custom option is available for groups, and for individuals!


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12 Session Pack

This option offers the same flexibility, and discounts.

Just like a 4 session package... but with more sessions.

More sessions, more learning, more practice, more boxing, more fun!